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No real shop can miss the right welding equipment, a shield gas MIG welder or a spot welder, and you can find both types in our range. Our CO welder suit every welding task with the modern Italian Telwin technology. You can always order electrodes for our inverter welders, so that your supplies never run out! We recommend our spotter set to car body shops, with which even the most difficult dents can be easily repaired. MMA or coated electrode welder Coated electrode welding, for welding metal structures. Has the advantage of being applicable on corroded surfaces, but the seams are less aesthetic. Shield gas MIG/MAG welders (CO welders) Can be used on different metals disregarding the cross section, an economic and aesthetic. The MIG welders are suitable for hard soldering bronze and steel pieces, welding stainless steel (galvanised), steel, aluminium. The MAG welding is recommended for welding steel structures. With the addition of a suitable shielding gas the quality of the welding can be increased further. AWI-DC wolfram electrode welder (direct current) Suitable for welding of any metal, with the exception of aluminium and magnesium. For excellent quality, aesthetic seams. AW-AC wolfram electrode welder (alternatic current) For welding magnesium, aluminium and their alloys. Produces clear and high-quality seams. AWI impulse welders AWI AC or AWI DC welding is the highest quality procedure. Thin and difficult materials can be welded aesthetically.

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Показване на 1 - 5 от 5 артикула

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